I’ve been working as a photographer in New York City for 25 years. I started out by taking pictures for a high school yearbook company. I’d show up at the sound of the school bell and spend the day photographing kids and their teachers. Years later I found myself on the trading floor of the NY Stock Exchange, photographing opening bell ceremonies for multinational corporations.

I’m fortunate to have shot all kinds of things for all sorts of people: I’ve covered events for small businesses, big corporations, families, clubs, unions, and non-profit organizations. I’ve shot portraits for personal and professional use. My subjects have included a variety of artists, authors, awardees, chefs, shopkeepers, and a few princesses and princes. There have also been purses, an occasional US president, and variety of household pets.

Contact me with your ideas and questions. I’ll bring experience and a fresh look to your project, event, website, and social media!


Selected publications:
The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Out Magazine, Family Circle, Sports Illustrated, AmFAR and NRDC Amicus Journals

Companies I’ve worked with:
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, General Motors, GLAAD, Air France, The British Consulate General’s Office, The Disney Corporation, NRDC, Taylor Rafferty

Included in collections:
Museum of Jewish Heritage
National September 11 Memorial & Museum


Photo credit this page ©Jennifer Moser